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Event Calendar Simple / Beautiful / Free

Why struggle to get a new event calendar, when there's a free one thats you can simply integrate into your existing website. Copy a code snip-it to your the events page of your website, enter your events and that's it.

You pick the look and feel of your calendar 3 Different Calendar Types

Weather you like List View, Box View of the General Calendar, we have you covered.

Social Media Share Your Events

With a simple click of a button your calendar viewers can post your events to their facebook/ goolge +/ Twitter feed allowing them to market for you!

SEO Free Basic SEO For All Events

Sign up for one of our SEO consulting packages, and start getting traffic to your event. We don't stop there, we'll help you with SEO on your website too.

We work with some of the best SEO professionals around with a proven track record.

Invite Your Friends The more the merrier!

Allow your calendar users to invite their friends, to get more people to your event. We also provide that data for you in a report, so you know who's being notified.

Statistical Analysis Know Your Events

Using our Statistical Analysis Services you can quickly determine which events are are most poplular, and make better choices for future events. We are here to help your business thrive!

Add to Calendar Button Google / Microsoft / iCal Integration

Allow your customers to add any event to their own calendar with a click of a button, ensuring higher attendance

Timezone functioanlity - we allow you to have several events in all different timzones, When a customer downloads an event to their own calendar, the even is automatically adjusted to show the correct time in their own timezone.

Maps Google Maps Integration

With map integration your clients will be able to navigate their way to your event.

Event Registration Sign Up Now

In addition to allowing your clients to add the event to their calendar you can also allow clients to register for any event. Ask your customer custom questions or just collect the basic information. We also expertly handle paid events! Set up your own payment gateway, and we will integrate with it. We integrate with all major payment gateways, and if we don't do yours let us know and we will add it at no extra cost.


No hassle event reports, there when you need it. Want to export your registration list? No problem export it to excel or to a CSV at any time.

Recurring Events Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Monthly Day of the Week

Set up your repeating events once and never have to edit it again. Just another way we try to make your life easier.

ICS Feed Reader Automate your events!

Now you can automatically have your Event Clockwerk calendar populated by another calendar you own. This works great if you really don't want to give up your old events system and want to use event Clockwerk. You don't even have to use our free calendar, just sync your events to us and use our free SEO for your events which happens automatically all you need to do is enter your ICS Feed.